New World Financial Team

Bringing new and innovative products to market

“Working with partners who care”

As one of the country’s independent business development and advisory specialist, we offer a bespoke, individual and unique perspective on making a difference to our clients business goals.

The Team

The team comprises of 2 unique individuals with 40 years of business experience along with the same goals for ensuring our clients demands are tailored and met in a unique and special way. Honesty, Integrity and Understanding are the principles on which we do business.

Our Delivery

From the initial relaxed, informative and confidential meeting we then tailor a unique package that brings the very best results to your business goals, whilst maintaining a corporate flow of uniformity in your identity.

Excellence = Success

Our driving forces are to care and listen to the needs of our community and help deliver the backing and support that the charities close to our heart require. Here are some of the links; Children’s Charity Blameless, Soldiers off the Street, Autism Scotland, Shedmen and looking to support other Scottish charities.


  • When you speak to NWFT you immediately gain access to what is possibly the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of UK and internationally based funders operating within the commercial finance market today.

Advanced Pension Options

  • We believe that the performance of your pension should not be left to chance.
  • Instead, it should be a matter of informed decision and careful management.

Digital Currency

  • This is the next logical step with the evolution of paper and plastic currency.
  • Digital Currency allows cost effective global transfer of funds with ease.

Free Biomass Funding

  • Free commercial biomass funding through our investment partners.
  • No capital expenditure and no installation costs. Fuel savings. Reduced maintenance costs.

Tiger Turf

  • TigerTurf create synthetic turf surfaces for sports clubs, the education sector – from primary schools through to colleges and universities, commercial markets, domestic and recreation.


  • Eden means a place of complete bliss, delight and peace.
  • If you are looking for superb family time or team building for your business this is the place to be.

Looking for Partners

NWFT was concepted and created with the commitment to being able to work with the quality of partners of our choice.

We are looking for partners who share the same values in business as ourselves. If you are a progressive thinking business person or an individual looking for a business development opportunity then why not contact us and see if our business aims and values match up.

We are happy to introduce our business opportunities to you or to consider adding yours to our portfolio of strategic business partners.